New Mediator Plus Pro

New Mediator Training Plus Advanced Self-study Content

This high-value bundle includes two professional programs:


This is the essential introductory mediation course. It is a cutting-edge certificate program for new mediators to build skills and confidence. Our blended learning approach includes live coaching, community support, online self-paced learning, hands-on practice and dynamic classroom instruction.

This course includes the following components:

    • WHEN: Available immediately upon registration
    • Self-paced and interactive content
    • Assessments, worksheets and video library
    • Supportive online community of new and seasoned mediators
    • Guidance to develop your unique opening statement and mediator style
    • Bonus content and suggested reading
    • WHEN: Available immediately upon registration
    • Virtual mediation simulations based on actual cases
    • Observe, practice and build mediation skills
    • Live sessions to schedule at your convenience
    • State-of-the-art online mediation training
    • Coaching, feedback and support included

This course is perfect for you if:

  • You are frustrated by disagreements that don’t make sense or escalate for seemingly no reason at all
  • You have experienced conflicts that get in the way of your team’s success
  • You are considering launching your own mediation practice
  • You want to enhance your skills in negotiation, communication, listening and/or managing people
  • You long for mediation skills, but do not have the resources or time for a standard 5-day classroom training
  • You took mediation training ages ago and want to refresh your skills
  • You want to earn a 40-hour mediator Certificate of Completion

The IMA New Mediator Course is the introductory-level course for anyone who wants to learn how to mediate. The curriculum in this course exceeds the 40-hour requirements of most court-annexed and community mediation programs. Our courses are designed to maximize your time and learning.

We combine videos of real and simulated mediations, homework and live experiential instruction. Participants receive certificate upon successful completion of each course.

Whether you plan to use mediation skills formally or informally, this course will benefit you.

IMA has revolutionized mediation training. While many mediator-trainers have kept up with the latest research and terminology, most courses are not accessible to busy, working professionals. With over 25 years in the field, we have created a dynamic curriculum you can access at your own convenience, to ensure you get the foundational materials and instruction while you observe and then engage in hands-on mediation simulations. You will then enter the practice of mediation, prepared with a solid understanding of mediation principles, skills and applications.

This course offers you everything the old-fashioned classroom-style 40-hour mediation course offers, plus plenty of bonus materials for you to explore and advance your skills.


This self-study program provides you with content and tools to accelerate your mediation practice. This exclusive course is designed for pre-approved trained mediators, or as part of a bundle with the IMA New Mediator Course.

What you’ll get:

  • Customizable mediation templates
  • Insider recommendations and support
  • Freebies, discounts and tools for your practice
  • Video library of advanced professional training
  • Recordings of professional mediators in action
  • Special pricing on live advanced training
  • Fresh content continuously added

This course is perfect if you:

  • Are a professional mediator, or currently in training
  • Don't have time to develop mediation forms and documents from scratch
  • Seek insider information about how to build a successful mediation practice
  • Want to build a profitable mediation practice
  • Need to accelerate your practice beyond the introductory-level training

Content within this bundle may meet CLE requirements for attorneys, as well as continuing credits for other professions.

If you are already trained as a mediator, you may request permission to take this course alone. Send an email with a certificate of completion indicating you have had at least 40 hours of mediation training to [email protected] We will determine whether you qualify for this self-study program.

Course Curriculum

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Courses Included with Purchase

IMA New Mediator - Online - BONUS CONTENT
The essential introductory mediation course with 40+ hours of blended learning, hands-on practice and expert coaching.
Interaction Management Associates
IMA New Mediator - Online
The essential introductory mediation course with 40+ hours of blended learning, hands-on practice and expert coaching.
Interaction Management Associates
IMA New Mediator Online Course Instructions: START HERE
Start your IMA New Mediator journey here.
Kate Otting
IMA Mediation Simulation Lab
Advance your mediation skills with coaching, feedback and support in 1-hour small group sessions
Interaction Management Associates
Mediator Templates
Customizable documents for your mediation practice
Interaction Management Associates
IMA Video Library
Educational videos covering advanced topics in mediation, mediators in action and more
Interaction Management Associates
IMA Mediator Checklists and Business Tools
Tools for your professional mediation practice
Interaction Management Associates

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
This will depend on the subscription you purchase and your own commitment to completing the materials. The course starts when you begin working on this online portion. Since it is self-paced, you complete it according to your schedule.
How long do I have access to the course?
This will depend on your subscription. If you have a monthly subscription, you'll have access for each month purchased. If annually, you'll have access for each year purchased.
What can I do with the training I receive through the IMA New Mediator Pro?
You will not only receive the foundational 40-hour mediation training through the IMA New Mediator course, but also advanced self-paced content to launch your mediation practice. This program is designed for new mediators who wish to professionalize their practice. It may satisfy continuing education requirements within your profession, workplace or local jurisdictions. Participants should check with local jurisdictions to determine whether this satisfies requirements you may wish to fulfill. If you need additional documentation from IMA, email [email protected] More than likely, because this course contains advanced materials and training, this course will meet requirements for advanced mediation training.
Who should take this course?
Anyone who wants to become a trained mediator and launch a professional mediation practice at their own pace.
What kind of education or training do I need before taking this course?
There is no prerequisite to enroll in this bundled program. You will receive the foundational mediation training in the IMA New Mediator course while you also have access to advanced self-paced content.
Is there any live training included in this bundle?
The IMA New Mediator portion of this bundle includes live coached sessions to practice your mediation skills. The remainder of the content is entirely self-paced and virtual.
What equipment do I need for this program?
You will need a computer or mobile device with a working webcam, microphone and speakers in order to participate in the live mediation simulation sessions. The self-paced content requires a computer or mobile device with working speakers.

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